Candy Shop - Minors Only, for the first time on desplay in Norway, and works from the Objectify Me series, will be shown at Arteriet in Kristiansand, 8-15th of March 2020

Candy Shop - Minors Only

As a result of media influence, youngsters today have a vastly different approach to sex than generations past. It is no longer an act related to love, but rather one rooted in appearance, desire and lust.

As early as 2006, the British toy producer Tesco launched a pole-dancing kit with accessories like fake money, a sexy dance garter and a video demonstrating suggestive dance moves, addressing girls from 4-6 years old.

This work explores when this influence begins and asks whether we are at ease with this phenomenon.

Objectify Me

This art project examines the relationship between objects, objectification, sexualization and the traditional gender roles – in relation to the mass media and social media.

Sex sells. Using exposed women in order to promote goods is a tactic that has become so commonplace that we rarely give it a second thought. Advertisers try hard to get our attention. We love to consume, and consummation starts with our eyes. We are bombarded with visual images in our everyday life. They dominate and manipulate our sense of reality.


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