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Had the legendary Vera Kvaal in my stodio, interviewing me about porcelain. On the air Sunday 17th of May at NRK P2

Atist of the week.

The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts. Week 10/11 2020

Woodland was one of the contributions showed at The Annual Exhibition in Oslo last year. Skateboards made by 130 artists was exhibited in a gigantic installation. One of the pieces, Legend, was made by me. The people behind the idea, Lars Kjemphol and Wodland Skateboards, has now launched a book displaying all the skateboards. The profit from the book will be return the to all the contributing artist.

If you would like to own this gorgeous book and support artists in these uncertain times, click on the button below.

Find the button "Velg pakken din her!" if you like to buy the book, or you may donate a sum of your own choice to support the project.

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This work consists of seven porcelain skateboards and a video featuring Fritjof Cornelius Krogvold, who is skating on six of them. The video is recorded and edited by Tor Jørgen van Eijk.

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One remaining porcelain skateboard is available for sale, and 3 videos.

Please contact me if you are interested.

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