Gem 1
Gem 2
Gem 3
Gem 4
Gem 5
Gem 6
Gem 7

Glazed Porcelain. Size 30x30 cm. 2022

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Gems is a series of seven sculptures, cast in porcelain. As the title suggests, the sculptures look like stones, but not ordinary gray stones.

The idea is to add something new to nature. Something you haven't seen before. Surreal stones.

What defines gemstones are properties such as hardness and luster. The hardness of porcelain, according to the Mohs scale, is estimated to 7. Diamonds are 10. Based on this scale, my gemstones are considered real gems, and therefore almost as valuable as diamonds, in terms of hardness.

My attempt to contribute something new to nature is a distortion of reality. What I have added is already there, but in a different form. My gemstones are artificially produced. I have made real gems out of clay.

In the garden of our family cabin in the south of Norway, we have a stone bed with white stones. As a child I was very fascinated by these stones, almost considering them diamonds. I thought they were very rare and very valuable. As an adult, I still don't know what kind of stones they are, but certainly not rare and expensive. The value lay in my experience with the stones.

The choice of glaze for this sculpture series is inspired by my fascination with these stones as a child and all the time I spent admiring them.

Gems has been exhibited at Hvitsen Salong 2022.