Candy Shop - Minors Only

Candy Shop - Minors Only

Glazed porcelain, textiles and readymades. 2010

As a result of media influence, youngsters today have a vastly different approach to sex than generations past. It is no longer an act related to love, but rather one rooted in appearance, desire and lust. There is a strong pressure to experience all of its facets at a very early age. The body is no longer reserved for the private sphere, but rather casually shared on the Internet. This installation aims to address how minors show themselves off and examine others via different Internet outlets, following the present trends created by the mass media.

As early as 2006, the British toy producer Tesco launched a pole-dancing kit with accessories like fake money, a sexy dance-garter and a video demonstrating suggestive dance moves, addressing girls from 4-6 years old. The product was withdrawn after massive protests from angry parents, only to be moved to the fitness department.

The dolls in the installation are copys of real dolls sold in a toy store in Oslo. They are accompanied by different outfits, resembling what is for sale in toy stores, and the aesthetics largely apparent in music videos targeting a young audience.

This work explores when this influence begins and asks whether we are at ease with this phenomenon.

Are You?

This work has previously been exhibited at Apple House, Skælskør, Denmark (2010), Window 107, Copenhagen, Denmark (2010), Grimmerhus, Museum og Ceramic Art, Middelfart, Denmark (2010), Islington Mill, Manchester, England (2010) and Novas Contemporary Urban Center, Liverpool, England (2011).